Buyer's Advantage Program

Welcome to Dousevicz Real Estate's "Buyer's Advantage Program"

The first aspect of our exclusive Buyer's Advantage Program is to ensure you, the buyer, knows exactly what you are getting when you buy a home with Dousevicz Real Estate.  For example, when you call one of the big firms, are you comfortable using an agent that just happened to be the first one that became available when you called?  For that matter, would you simply chose an agent just because they have a nice and functional website?  At Dousevicz Real Estate, we hope you consider other factors into selecting an agent with your home purchase- and you need to make sure you are comparing "Apples to Apples" and not "Apples to Oranges" when deciding on an agent to work with. 

Rule 1: Dousevicz Real Estate is not your typical firm!

Our approach to providing services is much like that of a life-long family physician or accountant.  The relationship we establish with each client is designed to offer ongoing consultative services as needed.  Your quality of life and best interests are always considered the priority.  When we become familiar with your current and future real estate investment or home ownership goals, you reap the rewards.  With Dousevicz Real Estate's Buyers Advantage program you will not experience any pressure to buy – quite the contrary.  We will inform you of any potential problems with a home…even if we know you love it and want to purchase.  What better person to give you this feed back than an actual builder and developer like Brad Dousevicz of Dousevicz Real Estate?

Ultimately the decision is yours, but we’re with you for the long-run and certainly do not want you to endure any heartaches down the road – especially preventable ones!

Rule 2: We get paid from the Selling Firm, not you!

That's right- working with Dousevicz Real Estate will cost you, the buyer, nothing to help facilitate your home purchase!  We even put it in writing.  Feel confident that we will not have you enter into any long-term contracts, or have you pay our fee.  Ever.  It doesn't work that way at Dousevicz Real Estate.  We are fully committed to make your home buying experience a pleasant one, and it won't cost you a dime.  It's one of the many benefits of using our exclusive "Buyer's Advantage Program." 

Rule 3: It's like you're working with family when you use our Buyer's Advantage Program

Dousevicz Real Estate is a family business, and always has been.  We will apply the same attributes which made Dousevicz Real Estate the successful real estate development and brokerage firm it is, to your individual home purchase:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism 

Using these core principles, we are committed to:

  • getting to know you, and your family 
  • actively seek property which meets your criteria
  • not wasting your time with showing you unsuitable property
  • using our extensive list of qualified suppliers, attorneys, accountants, etc, to give you the best possible people in the area to work with
  • helping you match with a lender that can build you the right package for your home purchase
  • pointing out issues that may potentially cost you more than you wanted to spend
  • being your personal real estate guide, and will answer all of your questions-- available any time of the day
  • Assisting and providing guidance in the sometime complex negotiation process
  • using our expert knowledge to make your home purchase a successful one!

BUY- Reassurance with Dousevicz Real Estate's Buyer's Advantage Program!

Contact Brad to help guide you through the enjoyment of finding and purchasing your home, based on your preferences, lifestyle, and family goals. 

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