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Spring Brings Showers, Showings, and Closings in Vermont this Year!

The sun is shining as I type this. Thank god. This Spring has been the "rainiest" Spring on record for Vermont, and I know I'm not the only one ready for Summer. Thankfully this hasn't stopped home buyers in Vermontfrom getting out into the marketand seeing properties, making offers, and closing deals! We at Dousevicz Real Estate have seen RECORD activity inNorthern VermontReal Estatefor our office this year, thanks in no doubt to:
  • Still record low interest rates. Rates are still hovering in the mid 4's, which are phenominal!
  • A very nice housing stock in northern Vermont. Sellers are prepping their homes how they need to- making those improvements that have been needed, keeping their homes clean and lawns kept, and eliminating clutter whenever possible. Our clients LIKE WHAT THEY SEE when visiting most homes, which is sure to generate more offers!
  • Sellers and Buyers are willing to COMPROMISE. We've worked on a few deals this Spring where both the buyer and the seller were willing to give something up, in order to get the deal done. The great deal is where everyone wins, and everyone is happy around the closing table. We're seeing this more and more- keep up the good work buyers and sellers!
Prices in Northern Vermont remain stable when compared to the previous year. What we ARE seeing is that homes in certain areas are on the market for LESS TIME. Much less than what we have seen in the previous 12 months. Specifically, we've experienced two deals for condominiums in South Burlington and Burlington where the deal we put together the condo's were on the market for less than 10 Days, and sometimes they had MORE THAN ONE offer! The lesson here? Be ready to negoatiate, come as a pre-qualified buyer, and try to make offers with minimal contingencies. Do these things and you can WIN the home and condo of your dreams in Burlington, South Burlington, Williston, Essex, or wherever your search takes you. Contact Brad Dousevicz of Dousevicz Real Estate today for the latest market data, your free market analysis for your home, or just to chat about your options. 802-879-4477 or 802-238-9367.

What Taxes Should I Expect to Pay When I Buy or Sell a Home In Vermont?

We get this question quite a bit. Especially from Vermont 1st Time Homebuyers, or buyers moving to Vermont from another State. Today, we'll take some time to dive into what you should expect to pay at closing when buying a home in Vermont. In Vermont, the buyer of real estate pays the "Vermont Property Transfer Tax." (This differs from State to State, so there is the possibility you may sell a home in one state, pay your tax, and then pay a tax when you buy in Vermont!) If the buyer is going to have the residence as their primary residence, the tax is calculated as follows:

  • .5% of the first $100,000, then 1.25% for that portion of the sales price over $100,000.
The law allows for a few exemptions from this tax, and they should certainly be explored with your attorney:
  • a transfer directly to a creditor to secure a debt.
  • tansfers to a corporation
  • transfer without payment to a spouse, child, or grandparent
Usually the property transfer tax form is filled out by the SELLERS attorney, and signed by each party at closing. For Sellers, if you are selling your primary residence, and it has been your primary residence for at least 2 years, you will avoid a capital gains tax. As for property taxes, see the following link for information from Town to Town: You will notice that property tax rates vary greatly from town to town. In conducting your Vermont home search, be sure you have a firm grasp on how taxes may differ from each town you may be looking. You may be surprised at the differences from one town to the next! For more information, or to ask about your options in buying Vermont Real Estate, contact Brad today at!

Dousevicz Real Estate Featured on FOX 44 for the "Real Estate Minute"

Fox 44 Has Paired Up with Dousevicz Real Estate to offer the "Real Estate Minute"

Dousevicz Real Estate is pleased to announce that Brad Dousevicz, Managing Broker, will be featured on FOX 44 for a weekly segment called "The Real Estate Minute." The segment will air every Wednesday during Fox 44's news segment at 7:25 am, 8:25 am, and 10:10 pm.
Each "Real Estate Minute" will explore topics that buyers and sellers alike will need to know to buy or sell a home in the local Vermont real estate marketplace, such as:
  • Steps for the 1st Time Homebuyer
  • Buying New Construction
  • Prepping your home for a quick and profitable sale
  • Buying Green Construction
  • Tipsfor Buying a Condo in Vermont
  • Is it a good time to buy a home in Vermont?
  • Much More!
The "Real Estate Minute" is co-sponsored with Dousevicz Real Estate, the Law Offices of Fred Peet, and Peoples United Bank. Do you have a topic you would like to see covered on the Real Estate Minute, or have a question about local Vermont Real Estate you would like to have answered? Contact Brad today at 802-879-4477, or email him at!