Building a New Home in Vermont?

Building a new home may be the ideal situation for you and your family. It offers wonderful benefits such as the ability to customize your home to make it exactly what you want, having the tremendous opportunity to use the latest in building technologies, and the obvious benefit of moving into a house that has not been lived in! It may, however, sometimes pose challenges that many homebuyers may not be aware of. 

That is why working with a buyer broker that is a builder and developer, like Brad, is the ultimate solution. Brad can use his personal development experience to help guide you and your family through the process of buying a home in a new subdivision, or building your dream home on beautiful Lake Champlain.

Latest New Construction Opportunities

Currently, there are a variety of new construction projects happening and being planned for the greater Burlington area, including; Essex, South Burlington, Williston, Colchester, and Essex Junction. As the Director of Residential Development for Dousevicz Real Estate and Managing broker for our projects, Brad has an unsurpassed level of experience working with buyers of new construction. Although buying a new home offers wonderful and obvious benefits, it can also offer challenges and missed opportunities if you are not working with the right agent. Let Brad’s experience as a builder and developer work for you in simplifying the sometimes daunting process as you build your dream home on acreage in a rural part of town, or construct a home in one of the newly developed residential neighborhoods below.

Please visit our “New Construction Opportunities” section for immediate building opportunities, or call or email Brad with your questions—he is happy to help!