New Developments

Dousevicz Inc is excited to announce that we are now marketing new homes in South Burlington at Rye Meadows.  

Before we created Rye Meadows, we listened to and learned from what Vermonters want most in a home and a neighborhood. Then we figured out how to make it happen.

We designed high-quality homes that can accommodate a-la-carte options for green technologies, so you can choose how to make your Rye Meadows home highly energy efficient and comfortable. 

We figured out how to offer you a net-zero home – a house that creates all its own power – without breaking your bank or getting overly complex. 

We built Rye Meadows in a great location that’ll make your commute short and sweet: close to the centers of Burlington and South Burlington, and right near great schools and the bike path. 

And we did it all in way that leaves a light footprint on your wallet, too, with prices from $270K-$550K. 

Rye Meadows will consist of 22 single-family homes, 16 townhomes, seven cottages with carports, seven cottages with attached garages, and 20,000 square feet of prime commercial space. Construction has already begun, and the first homes will be available in Spring 2016. 

To learn more about calling Rye Meadows your home, please visit or contact Brad Dousevicz by email [link to Brad’s email] or call 802-238-9367.

For commercial space inquiries please contact Jed Dousevicz at 802-864-200