Introducing South Burlington's Newest Neighborhood- Rye Meadows

South Burlington's Newest Neighborhood- Rye Meadows

Dousevicz Inc.  of Essex, announces the commencement of Rye Meadows in South Burlington, a new mixed use development located at 1075 Hinesburg Road in South Burlington.  The neighborhood will consist of 22 Single Family Homes on approximately 1/3 acre lots, 7 Cottages, 7 Carriage Homes, 16 Townhomes, and approximately 20,000 Square Feet of commercial space.   


Site work started in August of this year and the company has already started infrastructure and foundation work for the Carriage Homes, Single Family Homes, and 5200 of Commercial Space.  Initial occupancy is scheduled for early 2016.


Brad Dousevicz, Director of Development and managing Broker for Dousevicz Inc states “This project has been a long time coming.  We think that home buyers of varying price points will welcome the quality and energy efficiency of a Dousevicz home at Rye Meadows in South Burlington.”  Dousevicz states that the project will utilize the latest in green building technologies by planning to offer a base single family home with super efficient, thermally broken R-40 double stud walls, Low E windows, under slab insulation, and energy star fixtures and appliances.  The company has been working hand in hand with efficiency Vermont and even plans to offer “Net Zero Ready” homes at Rye Meadows.  


“We’ve carefully crafted every inch of this neighborhood.  From the park and open space in the interior, to the quaint cottages located in the South East corner to the larger private single family lots to the West, we have put a great deal of time designing a truly walkable community that South Burlington can be proud of.”  


Prices for the neighborhood range from $238,000-$475,000.  More information can be found at


Westlake, College and Battery, Hinds Lofts, The Vermont House...Breaking Down Burlington's Most Popular Condo Buildings

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Westlake, College and Batter, Hinds Lofts, The Vermont House...Breaking Down Burlington's Most Popular Condo Buildings

Living in downtown Burlington is a great choice for many.  Why wouldn't it be?  If you pick your condo right, you can easily be just steps from the beautiful Burlington Waterfront, the popular Church Street Marketplace, plenty of parks, the Bike Path, and countless shopping and eating opportunities.  So which condo development is best for you?  Today we'll exprlore some of the selling benefits to each of the more popular projects we find buyers gravitating to; Westlake, College and Battery, Hinds Lofts, and the Vermont House.  

Now, as far as affordability and value goes, the Vermont House is the way to go.  Here you can find quaint 1 and 2 Bedroom apartments, often for the sub-$300k price point.  The higher you get in the building, and the better the views get you should expect slightly higher pricing.  Located at the Corner of Main and St Paul, the Vermont House has one of the best locations in town.  Stroll across main St to he park, or simply head a block east and find yourself right in the center of Church St.  Parking can be a problem as there is a wait list for the private parking lot for the building, but we're told the wait is only 6 months or so, depending on attrition.

Just down the Street from the Vermont House, you'll find the Hinds Lofts located at 161 St Paul St.  Developed in recent years, the Hinds Lofts is an excellent example of the successful rehabilitation of an antiquated building in downtown Burlington for residential use. The developers maintained the character of the building, yet introduced modern touches and conveniences into the construction of the condominiums which offer a unique living experience. The Hinds Lofts are an easy walk to the Church St Marketplace, the Flynn Theater, and the countless other amenities within beautiful downtown Burlington. The project consisted of just 15 condominiums upon original construction, but the marketing of resale units occasionally arises.

Geeting a bit closer to the Lake, we'll head West and find College and Battery--of Burlington's finest condominium projects.  Ranging from 1 Bedroom Flats, to 3 and 4 bedroom units and large penthouses, College and Battery boasts not only an ideal location in the heart of Burlington, but most units have fantastic views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains.

Enjoy walking to the waterfront, or the Church St Market place for shopping, restaurants, and all that Burlington has to offer- right from your front step.  The condominiums have reserved parking in the private garage, storage in the basement, and secured locked entrances. 

Along with being the exclusive builder for College and Battery, Dousevicz Real Estate was also one of the active brokerage firms used in the marketing of the project when it was first completed. This experience coupled with Brad’s extensive knowledge of the downtown Burlington luxury condominium market from being the marketing broker for a similar luxury condo project, The Westlake, offers Brad the level of experience you will not find in another agent.

The Westlake is one of Dousevicz Real Estate’s most recent and ambitious development and construction projects to date. Consisting of 32 luxury condominiums with sweeping views of the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain, the Westlake is one of Burlington’s most desirable addresses. The condos at Westlake mostly consist of 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath open layouts that benefit from the best location and views in Burlington.  Prices generally range from the low $400k's for lower floor units to over $1,000,000 for upper floor and penthouse units.  Most of the units at Westlake were fully customized during construction so many units are unique in design and floorplan!

Although we only explored four projects here today, there are plenty of other condominium projects in Burlington, depending on which location you desire.  Please call or email Brad today to help in your customized search for Burlington Condos!  

South Burlington Market Statistics for Condominiums and Single Family Homes For March 2015

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South Burlington Market Statistics for Condominiums and Single Family Homes For March 2015

One of the hottest markets in Chittenden County, and one of the overall most active markets in the entire state of Vermont, is South Burlington.  It's no surprise that locals and transplants alike flock to the City of South Burlington, located just a few miles to the South of Vermont's largest city, Burlington.  South Burlington has some of the best school systems around (although I've told clients time and time again that you really can't go wrong with any of the school systems anywhere in Chittenden County), has great shopping opportunities (Hannafords, Lowes, Trader Joes, Healthy Living, University Mall to name a few), and a fanatastic location near Burlington, Williston, Essex, and easy acces to I-89.  Nearly any home in South Burlington can be deemed "well located" when looking at accessibility to shopping, schools, and employers, but you can also find privacy in select areas or homes and condos with a more "urban" feel.  Frankly, the City of South Burlington has it all.  So, what does all of this mean for market data?  Pricing, median sales, etc?  

Let's explore the data for March, 2015 to give you a snapshop of what you can expect when you buy that next home or condo in this highly desirable location in Vermont:

There were 42 new condo and home listings and 22 sold listings for the month of March.  More importantly, there were 40 "pending" listings which means they will close in the near future, likely 4-6 weeks.  The average sales price for the month was $314,000, which was an 18% increase from the previous month.  The average sales price the same period for 2014 was only $268,000, which means the market in South Burlington active and improving.  The average days on the market was 82, which was a decrease of over 35% from the previous month.  The average days on the market this time a year ago was 85 days.  

Overall the market in Chittenden County, and specifically South Burlington, is healthy and showing improving property values as we exit the first quarter of 2015.  This type of healthy market is precisely why Dousevicz Inc is going to be launching two new neighborhoods in South Burlington the later part of 2015, totalling a combined 159 housing units.  If you would like information on buying your next home or condo in South Burlington, call Brad today at 802-238-9367 or email him at  Here's to Spring!




Condo or Carriage House? What are the difference and benefits to each?

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Condo or Carriage House?  What are the differences? Which one is best for you and your family?  

As a developer of homes and condominiums across Chittenden County for nearly 30 years, Dousevicz Real Estate has had it's fair share of building and selling some of the areas most recognized projects.  Today we'll explore some of the critical differences (and benefits) of a carriage home vs a condominium.  

A condominium is defined as: 

an apartment house, office building, or other multiple-unit complex,the units of which are individually owned, each owner receiving arecordable deed to the individual unit purchased, including the right to sell, mortgage, etc., that unit and sharing in joint ownership of anycommon grounds, passageways, etc.

A carriage home, on the other hand, really doesn't have a set defintion in Vermont, but instead can be viewed as a single family house which holds ownership of the footprint of the land for which it sits, but shares in the land around the home commonly with the other neighbors in the project.  You may find this type of project referred to as a "PUD", but that is more a term that is used within the municipality for which the neighborhood resides and the term "carriage home" is more of a marketing term adopted in Vermont.  

Now, the biggest difference between carraige homes and condominiums is shared walls.  Condominiums share walls with their neighbors, and carriage homes do not.  Obviously, if you are sensitive to noise or if you like a bit more privacy, a carriage home is the better option for you.  

What often is similar between condominiums and carriage homes that we see selling in Vermont (mostly in such towns as Williston, Essex, and South Burlington) is that the maintenance of the grounds (snow/ plowing) and trash service is covered within your association dues.  What does differ, however, is some carriage homes include exterior maintenance in their association dues (otherwise known as HOA Fees) whereas carriage homes usually do not include exterior mainteanance, although we have seen select areas where exterior maintenance is included in the HOA fees for carriage homes.  

Another difference bewteen carriage homes and conodominiums in Vermont is insurance coverage.  Most condominiums bylaws state that insurance of the conodminium building, along with the interior of the individual condominiums, are covered within the master HOA insurance policy.  Typically, carriage homes do not cover the entire building of the detached carriage house and will only over insurance on the shared, common land, and individual home owners will need to purchase a separate traditional homeowners policy. 

If you have questions about buying a carriage house or condominium, please contact Brad Dousevicz at Dousevicz Real Estate today!

Brad Dousevicz Elected President of the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont

It is with great honor that we report that Brad Dousevicz, of Dousevicz Real Estate, was sworn in as the 2013 President for the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont for 2013, at it's annual meeting on January 7th, 2013. Brad has served in a variety of roles over the recent years, and was most recently the Vice President of Finance for the HBRA, and is excited to be part of such a wonderful group of builders, suppliers, and associate members. It was an exciting evening with guest speakers including Jerry Howard- CEO of the National Association of Homebuilders. Jerry offered our membership a unique perspective on not only the improving (yet fragile) market conditions, but the interesting and pivotal role national politics play on the homebuilding and real estate markets. The association was also honored to have Governor Peter Shumlin in attendance as well. Governor Shumlin emphasized his commitment to support the overall housing industry in Vermont, but also committed to providing support on a national basis as well as the standing chair of the democratic governors association when he meets with President Obama later this year. Brad will be attending the National Association of Homebuilders home show in Las Vegas January 22-January 24. The show provides extensive and world renowned educational opportunities in real estate marketing, home construction, development and real estate law.

Should I Market My Home During the Holidays?

Now that the snow is starting to fly, and the Christmas music is on the radio (feels like non-stop Jingle Bell Rock), the team at Dousevicz Real Estate fields this question quite a bit. Should I market my condo or home during the holidays? Are there even buyers looking right now? Will it affect my sales price? There are more reasons to market your home for sale during the holidays than not doing so. For starters, buyers that are actively looking for a home during this time of the year tend to be serious buyers, that need a home in the very near future. Why else would they be looking at such an otherwise busy time of the year? The other reason is that the levels of inventory tend to decrease during the holiday months, which means you- the seller- are competing with many less homes for sale. Less competition means your home moves to the top of list for many buyers. If your home is like ours during the holidays, it feels warner, and cozier during the holidays. The Christmas tree, lights on the front shrubs, a roaring fireplace (if you have one!) all add to the "homey" feel we see during the holidays. A selling feature, to be sure in any market! Another point worth mentioning, is that people starting new jobs often start at or near the 1st of the year, which means there is usually a higher number of people in house hunting mode. I will say that showing your home during the holidays also has it's list of challenges too. The biggest one is the ability to show with little notice (24 hours or less) is often difficult when you have kids home from school (whom seem to make a mess in less than 5 minutes in ANY room, don't they?), trying to cook a family meal, or when you are in the middle of a present wrapping frenzy! Simply put: if you can keep the house clean and it isn't too much of a burden on your family, the benefits of marketing your home during the holidays outweighs the alternative. Happy Holidays, and Happy Selling! Brad Dousevicz and the Dousevicz Real Estate Team

Finding the Perfect Luxury Condo in Burlington

We at Dousevicz Real Estate constantly field questions as to the availability of Luxury Condominiums in Burlington. Often times we field email and phone calls from out of state buyers, but often they are local people looking to downsize their large house in the country to a simpler and more convenient "city" lifestyle- the kind that Burlington can offer. So, where do we suggest when looking for luxury condominiums in Burlington? Here are a few ideas:
  • The Westlake. Westlake in Burlington is a project that Dousevicz Real Estate developed a few years ago. It's located directly on Battery St in Burlington, and is equally located between the Lake and Bike Path, and the Church St Marketplace. Location, coupled with the breathtaking views on floors 4-9, and you have the ideal opportunity. The condo's are primarily 2 bedroom, and range in Square Footage from 1600-2400 for one of the larger penthouses. Currently, we have one unit on the 8th floor that is available for $695,000. Luxury finishes, amazing view, and convenient location.
  • College and Battery. Our company constructed College and Battery about 15 years ago. Most of the upper floor units have great views of the lake, and it benefits of an equally great location like Westlake. The units range from 800sf to penthouses in the mid 2000 sf range, and range from 1-3 bedrooms. I've previewed a few of the condos recently placed on the market with some buyers, and although some of the units could use some "sprucing up" (kitchens, bathrooms, flooring) you can often find a great condo with tremendous potential at College and Battery.
  • The Hinds Lofts. Developed a year or so after Westlake, the Hinds offers a convent St Paul St location closer to the Church St Market place than Westlake and College and Battery, and offers really hip loft style designs. It was an old manufacturing plant, converted to upper end condo's, so you'll find some post and beams eclectically mixing with Bosch appliances and granite counter tops. Most units are 1000 sf or so, and range from 1-3 BR. A bit of a younger clientele here, given the location closer to downtown. A "cool" option for the younger buyer, for sure.
Some other options in downtown Burlington for the upper end condo is 81 S Williams, the Hood Plant, and some other smaller units scattered throughout the city. Give us a call today to schedule your showing!

Looking For New Construction In Chittenden County? Here Are Some of Our Favorite Projects:

We've supplied previous blogs that focus on new construction in the area, and specifically, what you should look for and expect when taking on a new construction home. Today, we'll focus on some of the more popular projects in the area. Each of these range in price, location, and amenities. We'll do our best to provide a synopsis of each, but feel free to give Brad a call or email him for information on each. We're always happy to help. South Burlington: Dorset Links. This is probably the newest neighborhood in South Burlington, and the homes are in the 2000+ Sqaure Foot range, and are priced in the low to mid $400's. Things we like are the good sized lots (.3 acres or so) and the fantastic location off Dorset St. As mentioned, this is a new project, so we are very curious to see how the lots are laid out, and the quality provided in the homes. Cider Mill. The Cider Mill in South Burlington has been a project that has been in construction for a few years now, and is making nice progress, even with the downturn in the economy back in 2008-2009. There are smaller footprint "carriage" style homes, and larger 3000 SF single family homes that offer larger lots. You can build either home now and in the future, and the project has many more lots available to build moving forward. You can build a 2700 SF home for roughly $480k, and there are some "resale" units (homes that were built for a previous original owner that are now on the market) that start in the low $400's. We like the great location off Dorset St, and the street layouts providing for a safe environment for the kids to play, or for a quiet walk with your family. South Village. South Village is a ambitious project on the line between South Burlington and Shelburne, located off Spear St in South Burlington. By "ambitious" we mean-- large, and forward thinking. Some unique characteristics of South Village are the HSA garden provided on site, the planned soccer fields, preserved land, walking trails, etc. The home will eventually consist of 200+ residences- an ambitious number for our "neck of the woods." South Village has been actively (and successfully) been marketing some beautiful homesites that abut the preserved land priced in the mid $400's. Homes are sized in the 2500 SF range. We really like the location, and amenities provided. It looks like they are providing green certified construction, which is a benefit as well. Essex Village Haven. This is a Dousevicz Real Estate project, so of course we love it! Village Haven will consist of 24 homes, 12 of which are constructed and occupied at this point. Square Footages range from just 850 feet with our "Champlain Cottage" and go to the low 2000 SF mark with our Arlington and Stratford models. Prices range from $250k, to the low $300's for our larger 3 BR home with additional space above the garage for a 4th BR, or storage space. If your looking for a single family home priced in $300k and below range- this is a great option. Conveniently located in the heart of Essex Junction within walking distance to schools and amenities. Dunbar/ Laurel Drive. If you're looking for an attached condo/ duplex style unit in the 2500+ SF and priced in the low to mid $300's- you've got a great option located at Dunbar and Laurel Drive. The duplexes on Dunbar are located in Essex Jct, while the Laurel Drive duplexes are located in the Essex Town area. Both have great open floor plans, and a good amount of Square Footage. Nature's Way. Nature's Way is the Pinewood's neighborhood latest addition. For some back ground, Pinewood is located in Essex Town, and was originally developed in the 70's, with more homes added throughout recent years. Consisting of roughly 39 homes priced in the mid $400's, you are sure to find a floor plan that works for you and your family. We love the location and eventual street layout and design of the neighborhood. High View Drive. The homes at High View Drive will offer larger lots than they "typical" new construction opportunity that range from 3-6 acres! Nice. You can build a 2500 SF home for the mid- $400's at this location in Essex. Williston Overlake View. There are a few lots to build on this neighborhood conveniently located in Williston. Priced in the mid $500's, for a 2800 Square foot home, Overlake is a great location for the discriminating buyer! We really like the location in Williston, and lot sizes. For more new construction opportu

Interest Rates for the Vermont Home and Condo Market- Where are they now?

If you are in the market for a home or condo in Vermont, and the greater Chittenden County areas- Burlington, South Burlington, Williston, Essex, Shelburne, Charlotte, etc, you have no doubt been keeping a keen eye on interest rates these days. If you haven't done so, you need to start! The timing of when you lock in your interest rates as it relates to your closing date is critical. You don't want to lock in too early, for example, and potentially lose your remarkably low interest rate. As far as TODAY'S interest rates go, they are standing close to 3.6, depending on the financial institution you check. When checking rates, be sure you see the rate that is most applicable to you--30 year, 15 year, number of points down, etc. The rate of 3.6 is 30 year, no points. The rate will change significantly based on the terms that fit best for you and your family. Moving forward, if you would like to check the historical averages for mortgage interest rates, please see a site we visit regularly; This site will be an invaluable resource in tracking national rates, and you can then compare them to what your local Vermont institution may be offering at any said time. Other links that we check frequently are some of the local Burlington/ Vermont lenders, to check on daily rates. Here are a few of our favorites:
That's all for today. We hope this entry on Mortgage Rates has helped you as a buyer. Remember; an informed buyer is a smart buyer!

Important Sales Data for Chittenden County and the Surrounding Area- Homes and Condo's are on the move!

If you are in the home or condo market in Northwestern Vermont- South Burlington, Colchester, Williston, Essex, Burlington, Shelburne, Charlotte, etc, than you have no doubt been keeping a keen eye on the sales in our area. Today, we'd like to provide you with some important sales figures as it relates to our market, because the data does matter!
  • New Listings are down from May 2011, from 335 to 310. This is ultimately good news for the average seller, less homes on the market means less competition for your home to sell. On the building side of things, we are seeing a lot of people chose to remodel their homes, instead of putting them on the market. This could have something to do with the decreased inventory this year.
  • Pending sales are up to 182, from 149. This is a dramatic increase of 22% from the previous year. Buyers are on the move, and willing to move quickly on the right home or condo--also, this proves that banks have money to lend to qualified buyers.
  • As no surprise based on pending sales figures, Closed Sales for this year are up 32%.
  • The average days on the market for a home is now 116 days. This is slightly up from last year at this time, which was 111 days. As a side note, we at Dousevicz Real Estate just experienced a home located in the right area, priced for the right amount, that was on the market for just 3 DAYS. The market is warm in a lot of areas, and HOT in select areas of our region.
  • Both the median and average sales price are up 4.3% and 5.6%, respectively. The last two points, when read together, means that sellers are holding out a bit longer for more money for their home or condo. This is a very healthy sign of the market improving.
  • The inventory of homes for sale is currently 1137, which is a 13.9% decrease from the previous year.
All in all, the data for Burlington, and the surrounding areas is very good as we enter the Summer months. Looking for more information, or just want to discuss the market a bit more? Contact Brad today!