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Happy New Year! Vermont Real Estate is Having and ACTIVE Start to 2012!

Dousevicz Real Estate is having a record start this year--in fact, it's looking like our BEST first quarter in years. Conversations with other leading agencies are saying the same thing--buyers are ACTIVE and on the HUNT for the hottest properties. Condos in South Burlington, homes in Essex, Colchester, Shelburne- you name it...the market is very active. Buyers are coming to the table with realistic offers, and sellers are open to negotiate. Deals in our office have been put together in a matter of hours--not days this quarter. A great sign of confidence, motivation, and great buying atmosphere. Why? Well, interest rates are still at record low levels. This, coupled with low and steady home prices means home affordability has never been better. Some other factors that come in to play-- especially in Vermont is weather. Buyers have been out and about, looking at properties, and not locked up in their homes trying dig themselves out of a huge snow blizzard (I'm a skier- I NEED to look for the positive side of a snowless winter!) The good news is Vermont is not the only place feeling a busy and active's a national trend, and that is exactly what the housing industry needs at a time like this. Positive News! See the link from the National Association of Realtors: So, if you are thinking about making a move, call or email us today! Join in this active market-- we'll be looking back at these times in a couple of years saying "that was the time to buy!" Brad Dousevicz Dousevicz Real Estate

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