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Green Construction in Vermont--What Certifications are Builders Using this Building Season?

As we move into the construction season, we at Dousevicz Real Estate have fielded many questions as they relate to new construction, and what things buyers should look for in Green Certifications when they are buying a new home in the Burlington and outlying areas of South Burlington, Essex, Williston, and Colchester. Today, we'll explore what you as a buyer should look for in Green Home Construction, as well as the certifications and what they mean to you. Some builders certify their homes, some don't. We ALWAYS recommend that buyers of new construction buy a home that is certified GREEN. Why? A green label is easy to put on an ad, but a green certification gives MERIT to a new home that is labelled green. The main reason for this is that a green certification provides for a 3rd party to come in and verify a home's energy rated by examining the home throughout the construction process. The verifyer will examine framing techniques, insulation quality, energy efficient fixtures, and much more. Most verifyers will perofrm a "blower air test" on your home when it is complete, to ensure proper sealing has occured, and the home is "tight" and not leaking more air than necessary. We at Dousevicz Real Estate use our local 3rd Pary Energy Verifyer, Efficiency Vermont for all of our certifications, and we suggest new home buyers with other builders ask for the same. Efficiency Vermont is now using Version 2.5, but any home that is finishes AFTER June 30, 2012 will be required to use Version 3.0 for certification. Contact Brad Dousevicz at Dousevicz Real Estate for any questions about what you should look for in the Vermont Green Home of your dreams! 802-879-4477

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